MS-DOS Games
My Favorite MS-DOS games ever! As a PC gamer since the early 1990's, a list of the games I consider to be the very best for MS-DOS is a must.

So in the same way I made a Favorite PC Games list, I think that as a retro-computing enthusiast and gamer since the good old MS-DOS era I should make a list of the games for MS-DOS that I think are the best ones to play.

Yeap, Descent is listed again, but what can I do, I’m a total Descent freak and it’s from that era, so…

Although I admit that the nostalgia factor may have some influence on how the list is made, most of the listed games hold up pretty well even today.

MS-DOS Games
TOP (FROM LEFT TO RIGHT): ‘Alley Cat’, ‘Descent’
BOTTOM (FROM LEFT TO RIGHT): ‘Stargunner’, ‘Digger’

So check out this fine selection of what I personally think are the best MS-DOS games (click on the name of the game to get more info and to buy/download/play it):

MS-DOS Games
FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: ‘Stonekeep’, ‘CHASM – The Rift’, ‘Alien Rampage’
MS-DOS Games
FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: ‘Abuse’, ‘Cyberia’

Many of these games can be found at and run using an emulator like DOSBox, while others have a couple of source ports available that make them able tu run seamlessly on modern computers.

PCem is another neat option to play old DOS games as it features some low-level hardware emulation (to a certain extent).

In, Abandonia, and My Abandonware you can also find some of the older games ready to play or download.

There are many other MS-DOS games that I like very much and worth a mention like Scooter’s Magic Castle (this one is for children), Prince of Persia 1 & 2, Cyberia 2: Resurrection, Rise of the Triad, Heretic, Hexen, Commander Keen, Wolfenstein 3D and Duke Nukem 3D.

For more info about Descent, check here:
What is Descent?

'Pumo' Rubén

Author: 'Pumo' Rubén Acevedo

Music composer (as R.a.M. Land), Descent and Overload lover, Mod Developer and Retrocomputing enthusiast.